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This article is written for a growing nation that is that have 84% of its citizen using modern technologies for growth which is ranked #1 in Asia due to our older generation’s adaptation which is fine cause we get to teach and help them and grow together as a nation. So let’s get into it, how can we help them by understanding the behavior of our population and reaching out to them with the God-given talents we can provide, whether is it simply providing good food, services, or even simply volunteering?

Singaporean Digital Behavior (For deciding what platform to best market your business effectively, let’s look at some deciding factors)

Find out more about digital trends in Singapore –

Most used Technology in the market 

  • Google

  • Facebook

  • Youtube, Whatsapp, Facebook and Messenger

General Description Summarized 

  • Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram

  • Google search engine, Google Business Maps Location and Youtube.

  • Linkedin,  Other Highest Most Visited Site and Lesser Highest Most Visited Site

Strategically Simply Understood

  • If you wanna reach the most audience use : Facebook, like throwing a wide net into the ocean with specific net sizes for your fishes

  • If you wanna engage the most effectively use videos: Youtube , Like throwing net into the oceans with baits luring fish wants to be in your net then the net become the size of your fishes

  • If you wanna reach specifics target audience and don’t mind investing more: Google SEO / SEO , think fishing so you don’t waste bait but here and there you might catch some random that you could not want and cost more but very effective.

  • Advertisements Boost on platforms suited to your target audience.

So you may be just starting out your business or already existing and looking for the continuous growth for return of your ROI(returns of investments), let’s look at the way to boost(advertising) and grow(marketing) your business next 🙂

The cost and effectiveness of the current marketing & advertising boost cost available in the market

Well, I’m going to try to be direct in this article as much as I can be if this article is going to be helpful at all. It simply isn’t in the best interest of any of the tech giants above to help you market to as much audience as you can or else or else they wouldn’t be running advertisements to make money. Well, they gonna hate me for this but well it is what it is. Instead of complaining let’s go with the ride and look on the cute side of various platform that was created to engage people we could reach out to existing or new customers engaged with their platform by creating a free account with marketable information and paying for a good boost that is more effective compared to offline options due to our general user behavior. So for the MOST AUDIENCE, x GROWTH HACK x ADVERTISEMENT BOOSTThe recommendation is as such based on the research and technology available. For B2B Business 

  • SEO, ADWORDS, LINKEDIN, Google Local Business, Youtube SEO, Location Strategically, Business Information Accuracy. Try getting 3 channels that are most effective for your business and work on them be it on reviews, ranking, and visibility

For B2C Business

  • Facebook Ads, Google SEO, Telegram(very good for beginners to market to existing contact), Messenger chatbot, Whatsapp, Youtube, Facebook Groups Remember to use existing popular B2C channels like Lazada, Shoppee, and Etsy to ride on their advertisement as their get their fundings

Credits on research :

To get your best marketing strategic automation you will need our help to grow with ease.

We try our best to share the best marketing tips and services for you to reach your goal and grow our business together!

This is usually done by digital marketing professionals that would cost $3500-$7000 per month to hire and execute. Here is what is required from a small business in order to market themselves successfully in order to funnel down the audience to be converted into sales.

  • Gain Facebook Likes to for the audience to stay updated
  • To be blogged about to show their business uniqueness for others to go to them.
  • Get to the front page of Google Search Ranking for keywords that are related, will last, and not just one-time things like advertisements
  • Loyalty Rewards for First-time / Existing Customers
  • Get Google Maps Rating and Reviews for their business
  • Increase Positive Review on the blogs
  • Receive Feedback from customers who did not enjoy the business so they could improve
  • Facebook post of their business that people shares about
  • First-time experience discount promotion that will get people to try out their business
  • A positive experience for people to share with their friends.
  • There’s so much more because every business requires a different strategy to be boosted for growth! 

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