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Usage Examples

Case Studies Results of the previous businesses.

Gain more than 500% Increase in Public Positive Google Reviews

Gain more than 300% increase in private feedback via whatsapp

Used & combined with  appointment booking system to increase higher review / feedback rate

Easy For Small Business Owners to Use for Long Term With Correct Implementation

Able to use to collect on both walk-ins, loyal customers, and online customers

Increase public positive reviews and private negative feedback

Give us a chance to mediate and make restitution with unhappy customers and a better understanding of how to help them better in the future.

Before: 37 Reviews / After: 97 Reviews

Authentic Public Positive Reviews In less than a year

Business productivity Increased by more than 300%

Sales Increased by more than 300% 

Can be used on T-shirts, Online websites, Storefront, Namecard, Chatbots, Email Automations, and More.

You Can Demo The Chatbot By Leaving A Facebook Recommendation On Our Page

Customised Service

  • Flexibility
  • Uniqueness & Branding
  • Results
  • Marketing Integrated Web Development
  • Domain Keyword SEO Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword Research & Budget Maiximise Adwords Bid & Conversion Integrations
  • Strategic Analysis & Implementation Recommendation
  • Marketing Designs
  • Advance GMB Keywords Setup
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • SEO Growth Hack
  • Strategic Purchase
  • Web Marketing Integration
  • Etc

Marketing Automation

$ 300
  • Increase Market Awareness
  • Business Credibility
  • Customers Loyalty
  • Google Maps Reviews
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Recommendation Reviews
  • Messenger Automation
  • Tiktok
  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • Youtube Subscription
  • Etc

Integration & Marketing Partnership Expertise

Innovations X Customised Development X*$ | Profit Sharing
  • Productivity
  • Sales
  • Innovation
  • Marketing Automation POS Menu
  • Customized Multi-Marketing Integration
  • Marketing Automated Booking System
  • Smart Marketing Portfolio
  • Marketing Demo Business Card
  • Ads Specializations
  • Grey Hat Marketing
  • Reseller Partnership
  • AdvancedGrlow Form

*We don’t like to work with demanding cheapskates for we put our heart into every work for quality and if we’re not valued, we prefer not to work together nor go further for it is too demanding to perform when the task & reward does not equate the fight. We prefer quality clients that are willing to pay for quality work, and want the best & deserve the best. If you realised that we charge & accept work for a cheap price or do for free & do very good work for you, it’s because we already treat you as a friend and want you to win. We always treat all clients we meet with respect & sincerity when reciprocated. We want our clients to feel happy when buying our product at a good price and get the marketing growth boost results that help them win in their marketing. We don’t want to work with people who do not see our values, demanding and cheap.  We enjoy being a long-term reliable partner with profit sharing as long as the rewards are good and make both parties win. We can bring you to the moon if you can show us that you can share with us the stars. We have the expertise if you have the budget to spend. We are a business, not a charity even though our goals & dreams look like charity, therefore still profit-driven & financially conscious. We will not look down on you if you’re poor but helps you to market the best with your budget therefore we do not appreciate people thinking of us as cheap when we made quality things affordable to you. We hope you are not offended for we want to filter out good clients & working relationships. We like to be treated well as we treat you well. Thank you.”

Growing B2C Business

"Wow, I didn't know the partnership deal is so good! Thanks, Bro! Your Marketing Automation is so easy that I can easily send to all my students"

"Thanks Bro 4 your support 😉 haha"

Aqua Cove Swim School
Aquacove Swim School strives to provide quality swimming lessons for all ages and at your convenience.
Marketing Automation

"Thank you for helping us in our branding in our domain & SEO.

"Thank you, looking forward to getting more conversion in our marketing partnership"

Trusted by parents. Loved by kids. Personalized and fun swim lessons by our certified & passionate instructors
Domain SEO keywords Branding, Marketing Development Web Learning Package

"The website and marketing strategy that you build increased our leads via our appointments. The appointment booking system & Forms increased the productivity of our business. Lastly, marketing automation helps us gain Google and Facebook reviews and works like flawlessly! Keep doing what you're doing, Michael!"

"Thank you for the kind words, we will keep trying our best & hope that we can grow together more 🙂 "

Family Podiatry Centre
Best Podiatrist in Singapore & Malaysia 

Web Development, SEO, SEM, Google Advance Business, Keywords, Ranking, #1 Rank SEO on keywords, Marketing Automation Implementation, Sign up Forms, Appointment Booking system, Stripe Integration & more – see more

"Thank you for the appointment and e-commerce appointment booking system with walk-ins review automations"

"Welcome , hope to help more"

Wellness Shoes Done Beautifully
Rethinking what shoes can do for you, Restoring foot posture & Relieving pain

E-commerce, Appointment booking e-commerce, Co-created Solescape Experience for user to buy shoe and get podiatrist evaluation at the same time which increased sales, Web Development, Marketing Integration, SEO, Keywords, Etc. 

Growing B2B Business

"Thank you for helping us and advising us on IT-related matters, we wish to continue working closely long term 🙂 to eat and grow together"

"Your most welcome, thank you for trusting in me and giving me some website jobs and leads 🙂 Hope we will grow together"

Bringing Ideas To Live
Large to Medium Scale Integrated Events Planner

Web Development, Branding Implementation, Hosting, SEO, Marketing Integration, Adwords, Video Editing, Marketing Automation Partnership, Emails & more

The Dream

People are able to help one another improve while giving positive help and winning together as one. Making things cheaper through innovation & expertise So that we can make food cheaper to free for the poor & hungry by just leaving a helpful review/feedback

Our Vision

Providing Customised Marketing Automations to Loyal & First-time customers in exchange for their reviews/feedback to improve their business. Lighting up their business market awareness, credibility, and customers loyalty with ease & convenience

Our culture

Offer equal rewards based on one’s creativity and efforts, growing & glowing together. Tries to make the world a better place for the poor, hungry, and people around us. We Seek To help People when we partner & employ them. Taking care of both ourselves and other people

His Michaelangelo
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